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News Archive January - February 2003
Small update today.
I did some work on Tomokazu Seki's site:
4 pictures (1, 2, 8, 9) and his role in Those Who Hunt Elves are new.

Statistics are a neat thing... I introduce hereby two new small sections called High Quality Pictures and the Seiyuu Ranking.

Yesterday, after some time I was visiting again a nice site called Japanese Subculture FAQ and read something very interesting.
I'm quoting the most important stuff:

"This is one interesting episode that I know of that happened in 2001. Popular voice actress Konishi Hiroko (who performed as Ojaru-maru in OJARU-MARU and Shiori in KANON at that time) and her new management office decided to demand a small royalty for every home released titles she performed a role in, not the "appearance fee" for a one time recording.

Soon after they approached the production companies to suggest the change of the terms of her working contract, she was fired from all her jobs production companies felt they were not qualified to deam only her as special.
As for Konishi Hiroko, after that incident, she found a new job in some game character (in 2002) and no one knows what direction she will take after the expiration of management contract between her and her management office in the 2003."

Now that answers the question, why Hiroko Konishi was not in the Kanon anime. Also, if that didn't happen, we may have seen her as Touru Honda in Fruits Basket. After all, she had that part in the audio drama, that preceded the anime...

Back to this site. After I made a lot of new feature seiyuu sites recently, it was time to go back and work on some of the older sites.
Following seiyuu sites have new pictures:

Atsuko Enomoto: 5
Kappei Yamaguchi: 3, 8, 9, 10
Yui Horie: 1, 2
Yumi Kakazu: 1, 2, 5, 7, 10

Those two pictures of Yui Horie sure are one of the biggest pictures of her you'll find online. Both are scans from posters, they could have been even bigger if I wasn't too lazy to scan the other halfes of those posters and splice them together :)
They are big enough as it is, though, and might even be usable as wallpapers.

Besides seiyuu pictures, there are also two new anime roles:

Tenma (from Here is Greenwood) - Kappei Yamaguchi
Lacus (from Gundam Seed) - Rie Tanaka

Just one day after I mentioned it, my order containing that Newtype issue arrived. And there you have it, a page about Fumiko Orikasa.

While doing my researches, I saw that Hitoshi Doi is listing Fumiko Orikasa as the seiyuu for Kotori in X TV. That's wrong, she never had any role in X. But I can understand how that happened, the names written in kanji are very similar for Fumiko Orikasa and Mamiko Noto (Kotori's seiyuu).

I've also added Kotono Mitsuishi's role in Gundam Seed.

The truth sure is cruel sometimes. I installed a nedstat counter a few days ago. I wasn't expecting much, but the results so far are rather depressing ;_;

Well, back to what's more important, updates. New is a seiyuu site about Masayo Kurata and the addition of Houko Kuwashima's role in the first Steel Angel Kurumi series. Originally, I planned to update with a site about Fumiko Orikasa, but my Newtype February 2003 issue still hasn't arrived. And in there are some pictures of her which I'd like to include, therefore I've delayed it.

Today I've finally added a seiyuu site about Atsuko Enomoto, which I also had planned months ago.
Her gallery has 10 pictures, but they are of rather mediocre quality. I thought I would have more high quality material of an idol seiyuu like her... but alas, no.

Three updates in three days, now that doesn't happen too often.
I did something what I had planned for months now, making a site about Masami Kikuchi.

Following stuff is new:
A seiyuu page about Yumiko Kobayashi and two role entries:
Mei - Love Hina
Mitsuki (from Dual!) - Rie Tanaka

Today, like last time, I have added one new anime and one new seiyuu.
The anime is Tenshi ni Narumon, also known as I'm Gonna Be An Angel. That page has 16 role entries, that's not complete. I only had the first US DVD to work with (as you may or may not know, that's all that was released so far), that means it only covers characters introduced in the first 5 episodes, characters like the one voiced by Sakura Tange are missing.
The seiyuu is Souichirou Hoshi.
And I did some work on the Angelic Layer page, I added two roles I forgot the first time (Hiromi and Ringo) and replaced some character pictures I wasn't satisfied with.

The theme of today's update is Photon.
Meaning I've finally added a new anime site, of course it's Photon.
And I've made a site about Photon Earth's seiyuu Junko Takeuchi.
That site should be very interesting for fans of Hunter X Hunter, since the gallery is full of group pictures of Hunter X Hunter seiyuu.

With this update, I have sites about 30 seiyuu, that's 3 times more than what I had after I launched this site.
Not bad, I guess.

Ah yes, there are also news from the google front.
It seems I was wrong with what I said earlier. I checked google's cache again a few days ago. They updated it already, meaning the time between updates is not two month, at least not always.
This fast update is nice and stuff, but somehow the ranking of this site went down.
I'm sure, that a search for 'kanon seiyuu' returned this site first, but now it is on the 5th page.
Bah, that makes absolutely no sense >_<

Again, I've added new pictures to the galleries:
Rie Tanaka: 2, 6
Megumi Hayashibara: 2, 9

All four pictures replaced pics I thought were not that great.
If by chance someone out there reading this is interrested in those pics. Let me tell you, I still have copies of all pictures I've deleted in the past. You can have them if you want, just drop me a line.

I've also added 3 characters of Steel Angel Kurumi:
Saki - Rie Tanaka
Nako - Houko Kuwashima
Misaki - Kotono Mitsuishi

I make it short, there is a new seiyuu feature site, this time about Akira Ishida. Enjoy.

I've added the following pictures to the galleries:
Yui Horie: 4, 5, 9, 10
Mariko Kouda: 6, 7, 8
Maaya Sakamoto: 5
And not new, but cleaned up this picture of Houko Kuwashima.

The site for Maria Yamamoto is now finished and up.
Only 4 roles but 10 pictures in the gallery. It really wasn't difficult gathering pics of an idol seiyuu like her.
That and a new picture of Ayako Kawasumi is all for today.

Yo there, it's been a while.
What's new? You may ask. Besides this news page, nothing really.
That doesn't mean I haven't done anything. With the last update this whole page hit the 30 MB mark. I felt that this was a bit too much.
I went back and recompressed all images, and with over 800 images already that took some time. I'm down now to 12 MB. Nice, eh?
But fear not, you won't notice a difference besides a speed up. The compression level is still above your average website. All images are now compressed with 90% quality. *cough* It was 100% before, I'm a quality freak after all ;P

I noticed you can find this website now with google. This discovery was no coincidence or something like that, in fact, I checked google's cache of this site quite frequently to see how google works.
Apparently they are updating all websites every two months. But it takes another month till those updated caches go online. The cache for this website went online on the beginning of january, but it only covers updates till december the 3rd.
Well, I don't have to understand this, right? o_O
Google's image search is even more weird, you won't find a single picture from this website with it, although the file names of all my images are search engine friendly or so I thought.

I also received several new japanese anime magazines. New material to work with :)
I'll give you a preview what to expect in the next days and weeks:
There will be new pictures of Ayako Kawasumi, Maaya Sakamoto, Mariko Kouda, Megumi Hayashibara, Rie Tanaka, Rika Matsumoto, Yui Horie and Yukari Tamura. I will do seiyuu feature sites for Maria Yamamoto, Atsuko Enomoto, Akira Ishida, Souichirou Hoshi, Toshihiko Seki, Junko Takeuchi and maybe Yumiko Kobayashi. I also plan to do the complete (or almost complete) seiyuu casts for Photon and Tenshi ni Narumon.
That's enough I think, just check back here and there if you're interested in one of those seiyuu/anime.

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