Almost all seiyuu pictures on this site were either scanned by me or are screenshot I took from videos.
If you've reached this site you've followed a link that was attached to a pictures that I didn't scan myself.

I found these pictures on some public FTP (
They are scans from magazines like Voice Animage, Seiyuu Grandprix, Say You Nowanchatte from 1994-96.
That ftp has no terms of usage for these pictures, so I guess you can use them for your website which I'm doing.
I feel it's kinda a waste to just let them sit there on a ftp that people barely visit.
I also saw some of them on other websites including Hitoshi Doi's site, but I'm only going to use the pics I haven't seen anywhere before.

Credits where credits are due:
According to my researches the person who scanned them is Christian Balzer, coincidentally also a german.