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I finally got ahold of some Sister Princess video material and the result of that you'll see in the below table of newly added roles.
Character Anime Seiyuu
Chikage Sister Princess Ayako Kawasumi
Sakuya Sister Princess Yui Horie
Mitani Hikaru no Go Yuu Asakawa
Haruka Sister Princess Yumi Kakazu
Mamoru Sister Princess Yumiko Kobayashi
Kaho Sister Princess Hisayo Mochizuki

But wait, that's not all, I've also added a new seiyuu who also has a role in Sister Princess and goes by the name of Nana Mizuki.

Today's changes to the site are a new seiyuu with Asami Sanada and these role additions:
Character Anime Seiyuu
Zennosuke Someday's Dreamers Yuuji Ueda
Tasuke Tenshi na Konamaiki Yuuji Ueda
Jeanne Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Houko Kuwashima
Iruka Naruto Toshihiko Seki
Mizuki Naruto Shinichirou Miki
Ichikawa Hikaru no Go Satsuki Yukino
Konohamaru Naruto Ikue Ohtani

And unlike the last few weeks there will be a second update this week.

I've updated the Radio Link List today, here the most notable changes:
- Two new entries with Magical Nurse Station and Puppy's no Hiyo Furo, both are programs that update on Mondays
- Kikuko Inoue's Caramel Radio has a homepage now, the link has been added.
To my own surprise is this homepage about Caramel Town and Caramel Heights. I didn't even knew that there is a second part with Caramel Heights. The studio photo section of Caramel Heights shows some interesting guests with Maria Yamamoto and Aya Hisakawa. I really would have liked to listen to that, but sadly it's not possible, Caramel Heights unlike Town is not a internet radio show.
- I don't know if anyone noticed, but the homepage of Akira Ishida's current radio program (Gobangai de aimashou) is more often down than up.
And since I like this program quite a lot I descided to mirror a part of it. Coincidentally though, now after I did that, the real homepage happened to go online again today.
Well we'll see what happens, I'll leave the mirror up for the time being, but if the original page manages to be permanently up now, I'll remove it.

I've added the following roles today:
Character Anime Seiyuu
Rinko Black Heaven Ayako Kawasumi
Hakari Tokyo Jusshouden Kotono Mitsuishi
Mami Hand Maid May Kikuko Inoue
Katsura Rurouni Kenshin Tomokazu Seki
Kurako Asagiri no Miko Megumi Hayashibara
Megumi Tenshi na Konamaiki Megumi Hayashibara
Seki Shinesman Toshihiko Seki
Kokono Tokyo Jusshouden Yuka Imai
Mei Li Cooking Master Boy Satsuki Yukino
Futaba Tokyo Jusshouden Yui Horie
Tochiro Harlock Saga Kouichi Yamadera
Juubei Ninja Scroll Kouichi Yamadera
Yamadera Shinesman Kouichi Yamadera
Yota Shinesman Rika Matsumoto
Kotoko Black Heaven Atsuko Enomoto

This Tokyo Jusshouden you see there 3 times is a really not so well known OAV, unknown to a degree that I had problems finding even correct romanizations of the character names.
Kokono and Futaba should be correct, but I'm not sure about Hakari.

Again not sticking to my previously announced plans I've added another seiyuu, whose given name is again Junko and with the family name Noda.

Btw, I've noticed with quite some satisfaction that the site's counter registered it's 1000 hit today... 1000 hits, we're getting somewhere, yes, yes...

Two new things todays: Card Captor Sakura & Junko Iwao.
Note: Junko's Gallery has a Card Captor Sakura group picture, and compared to the Gundam Seed group picture, this one has a complete listing of who is who.
And with so much Card Captor Sakura goodness it's a very fitting occasion to post this link, which leads you to a CCS Seiyuu Quiz.
Needless to say I scored 10 of 10 points in that quiz ^_-

Today I can finally present you the new Seiyuu Internet Radio Link List I have been working on the last few days.
That took much more time than I planned... a lot was wasted in trying to come up with a good design. Well, I couldn't and ended up using a slightly modified version of my standard design -_-;

I'd also like to talk about a nice website I found last week. I don't think it's a new site, but it's in korean and therefore not that well known I assume.
It's a Yui Horie fansite created by Dawin-X. The main attraction of that site is definetely the gallery, which is amazing in quality and quantity. It is devided into three parts, Yui Horie (something like 170 pictures), Animation and Misc. At the end of the misc gallery are some pictures of other seiyuu like Rie Tanaka and Megumi Hayashibara.
As amazing it is, browsing the gallery is a pain. The gallery doesn't use true thumbs, all those huge images are being loaded completely and resized in real time. But that's not the only mistake the webmaster made, the pictures all open in a new window which has no scrollbars O_O
How am I supposed to see everything of a image with a resolution like 1800x1600 if my desktop resolution is only 1024x768?
The music section is also quite interesting, it has mp3s of past radio shows Yui Horie did, but all those mp3s seem to be down right now.
Well, feel free to ignore my rant and just pay that site a visit ^_^

Featured in almost every recent anime magazines and now featured on this site too, Gundam Seed.
The cast list of Seed is so choke full of popular and talented seiyuu, I just couldn't pass this one up :)
I tried using the rather weird official names, as far as I could find them. Some might still be wrong, but honestly who cares? Raww Le Kleuze, what the... who can remember that?
While at it, I have to point out that Akira Ishida's page has a Gundam Seed group picture.

I have a bit more, two new pictures for Fumiko Orikasa's Gallery: 6, 7

I've added a new seiyuu page, it's Hisayo Mochizuki this time.
It appears that this is quite exclusive. There aren't any descent english speaking websites dedicated to her and excluding official japanese websites, I have not seen anything that comes close to a picture of "Mochie".
It's by the way quite strange for me making a feature about her. I only know her from a video and her radio show, I haven't seen a single anime she had a role in, with the exception of a few minutes of Taruto. Which meant extra work, all 3 character pics are scans opposed to the usual screenshots. And since scans are often grainy, I had to clean them all up by hand.

I also might point out that the Seiyuu Directory had it's monthly update. Which includes a new feature seiyuu, Sakura Nogawa.
And they have updated their link list, with a link to this site, heh. I think they are the first to link me, therefore that's much appreciated.

And regarding the Tomoko Kaneda news from last time: I was right, that video was not meant to be up permanently. The link pointing it is gone, but the file itself is still up though. You can use the direct link I posted.

I have added nothing new to the site, I just have some general news.

First some sad news: Two of the few sites that actually have nice, unique seiyuu pictures not stolen from other sites are down. I'm talking about 'J*Star Gallery' and 'Have You Seen This Seiyuu?'.
J*Star Gallery is down already several month now, but the person who was responsible for it is still active and is thinking of moving all her sites to her own domain. Parts of the seiyuu pictures are still at her 'Here is Greenwood' Fansite: Boy's Dorm.
I don't know anything what happenend to the second site, the whole www.jeddy.org domain is down since a month or something like that.

Atsuko Enomoto announced on 03.24. in her diary on her website at Avex Mode (Love Mode) that she's going to have a new official website called Chelsea at www.atsukoenomoto.com, Love Mode won't be continued. I don't have any further details, but as the site states it will go online on 04.10.

Tomoko Kaneda left a short message in form of a 3:44 minute long video at the website of her Internet Radio Show: Kaneda Tomoko no Mini Mini Micro Denshi Youchien (I hope I got that name right ^_^;).
Her website already has some videos, but all of them are in horrible quality, but this new one is actually watchable.
As I don't know if this new video will be permanently available, I suggest you hurry up and watch it as soon as possible. The direct link to this streaming video is here.

Speaking of internet radio, I soon will do a link list with seiyuu internet radio links along with descriptions, since I'm very interrested in that right now.

Last thing for today is something I think is somewhat stupid, but also quite funny I found at the Jam Station website.
Spin the Nana Mizuki :)

I've added a page about Toshihiko Seki.

Over a week without an update, unusual for me. Some things got in between like being offline for a few days, a power supply that died and most of all playing with my new X-Box.
X-Box, which means I finally got to play the game with probably the most prominent seiyuu cast (out of the ones that are available outside Japan, that is), Dead or Alive 3.
Having fights like Hikaru Midorikawa vs. Houko Kuwashima or Kotono Mitsuishi vs. Yui Horie is great ^_^
I don't really like how the whole character Kasumi changed through the new seiyuu, but newcomer Hitomi makes more than up for that...

Now back to this site, what's new? A page about Yuka Imai.
With her this site already has 40 featered seiyuu.

Today a special to one of my favorite OAVs, 801 TTS Airbats.
If you know this site, you know what this means, a site with the almost complete cast, to be found here, and at least one new seiyuu site about a seiyuu involved in the show, that would be Yukana Nogami (sometimes just called Yukana).

That's not all, those two seiyuu, also with roles in Airbats, got a few new pictures:
Shinichirou Miki: 5, 6, 7
Kikuko Inoue: 3

Now that was a pleasant change, after doing 28 character pics for the last update, today I had only 3 to do (or could only do 3, to be becorrect).
3 character pics for the newest seiyuu site, Masumi Asano.
Besides pictures of Masumi that site also has a lot of Chihiro Suzuki, best known for Arima in Kare Kano.

There sure is no need for more Takehito Koyasu sites, but it's an important step in having a complete round up seiyuu website.
That's why today's update includes a site about him, Takehito Koyasu.
And it comes as no surprise, that the man who's said to be in almost anything, took over the first rank in the Seiyuu Ranking list.
And I finally took the time to add a link to the latest featured seiyuu over at Seiyuu Directory, Yukari Tamura. While I was at it, I also added two low quality pictures of her: 7 & 8.
Speaking of Seiyuu Directory, they had another update a few days ago, revealing their next feature seiyuu (Sakura Nogawa) and adding some new pictures of Takehito Koyasu and Tomokazu Seki.

Somehow I have the urge to reveal my plans for the next weeks, too. Let's see... following seiyuu will get a site: Yukana Nogami, Yuka Imai, Chisa Yokoyama, Masami Asano, Hisayo Mochizuki and maybe Noriko Hidaka. Add to that Toshihiko Seki, I already announced him the last time I did something like this, I haven't forgotten about him, the site will come.
For the anime section I'm thinking on working on the following titles: 801 TTS Airbats, Nadesico, Geobreeders, Angel Sanctuary, Revolutionary Girl Utena.

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