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Small stuff today, a lot of small stuff, though.
I got my scanner back and scanned the two pictures of Rika Matsumoto I was talking about, you can find them here and here.
Ayako Kawasumi also got two new pictures, they are not entirely new because they are screenshots from a video from which I already had a screenshot before. Located here and here.
I rewrote most of the comments and added some to several gallery pictures. I decided to do those comments in english only now. Of course my german is much better, but it's just awkward to have those german bits in all that english stuff.

And I've added a bunch of new anime roles:
Character Anime Seiyuu
Pai 3x3 Eyes Megumi Hayashibara
Fubuki Arcade Gamer Fubuki Sakura Nogawa
Chizuru Arcade Gamer Fubuki Yuu Asakawa
Aruka Arcade Gamer Fubuki Satsuki Yukino
Marlene Blue Gender Houko Kuwashima
Akari Chance Pop Session Mayumi Iizuka
Reika Chance Pop Session Mariko Kouda
Harlock Harlock Saga Kouichi Yamadera
Jiro Nadesico Tomokazu Seki
Quon RahXephon Houko Kuwashima
Shinobu RahXephon Yuu Asakawa
Madoka Spiral Kotono Mitsuishi
Misty Vandread Moyu Arishima

The Seiyuu Directory got another update, nothing but new pictures. There is one really weird picture from Koyasu Takehito, I wonder where they got that.

Big Escaflowne themed update today.
The anime catogory got its 10th site with Escaflowne and it's by far the biggest. There are 35 listed roles and that's not even complete, those who did not made it in are minor characters whose seiyuu aren't that well known.
But that's not all, I also finished the seiyuu sites for Shinichirou Miki and Ikue Ohtani, who both have major roles in Escaflowne.

You may not believe it, but that Escaflowne site alone was worth one full day of work. I hope it does not have any major mistakes.

Today's feature seiyuu is Yuuji Ueda, the 6st male seiyuu on this site. It doesn't take a genuis to notice the male/female balance is really off ;)
I'm a bit sorry about that, but that's just the way it is, female seiyuu are in general more popular and it's much easier to gather pictures for their galleries.
Anyway, Yuuji Ueda's site has 20 role entries and 3 pictures (all 3 DVD captures).

Already one week since the last update, well I'm back with a new seiyuu page: Rika Matsumoto.
A lot of sites list her as Rica Matsumoto. I still don't know why, maybe this c serves as the destinction between her real name and her artist name?
I'm going to use Rika, simply because that's her name is written in kanji, if it was written in katakana, well that would be a different issue.

The gallery has already 10 pictures, but two are missing. I forget to scan a page of AX Animation May 2000. There are two nice pictures of her with her current hair style. But since I don't have a scanner right now, I will add them in the next few weeks.

In other news, the guys over at Seiyuu Directory finally updated their site again. They have some new pictures of Ayako Kawasumi, Kikuko Inoue, Megumi Hayashibara and Nana Mizuki.

Today's addition is Satsuki Yukino, the 23rd Seiyuu page. All 7 gallery pictures are from the first Love Hina Concert, that's all I had to work with.
That page does not have any links, sure I found some sites about her, but nothing really worth linking to. And that's strange considering Satsuki is a Seiyuu who has done a lot of important roles already.

Also did some minor stuff, most notable is Yui Horie's role in Orphen which I've added.

It's about time for an update, the site for Yukari Tamura is now finished and uploaded. 7 roles and 6 gallery pictures, which consist of one scan from AX Animation Magazine and 5 DVD screenshots.

While searching for Yukari's official site I found an interesting seiyuu related site which I didn't knew before: J*Star Gallery.
It doesn't have any seiyuu information, just gallerys similar to those of this site. Half the links are down, though. Still pretty nice.

The official I''s Website now offers some seiyuu videos for download:
af_is.mov: Kumi Sakuma and Takahiro Sakurai
rep_iti.mov: Takahiro Sakurai
rep_itjo.mov: Kazuya Ichijou
rep_isi.mov: Akira Ishida
rep_iori.mov: Kumi Sakuma
rep_itu.mov: Tamaki Nakanishi

I think it was time for a new anime site. I decided to do Pretear because I just finished watching the show yesterday and the cast is pretty interesting. Most of the roles are done by promising newcomers but there is also a good amount of popular seiyuu in it who are doing rather unusual characters, Yui Horie as a villain for the first time I think and Takehito Koyasu as a small bald guy and not a bishounen.
And don't bother to click on the links for Yuuji Ueda, Satsuki Yukino and Yukari Tamura, they are not working yet.

I finished the site for another famous Seiyuu: Yumi Touma.
17 role entries and thanks to the VCD that came with the December 2000 issue of AX Animation Magazine 10 pictures.

I also added two new roles for Megumi Hayashibara. Actually I had prepared the picture for her role in Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust a long time ago, just forgot to add it the last time because it isn't listed at Hitoshi Doi's site.

Today's update are two new seiyuu pages for Mariko Kouda and Atsushi Kisaichi (finally a male again ^_-).
Both have only 5 pictures and I'm really not happy with the quality of some of those pictures... oh well.
With this update, this site now has 20 seiyuu pages and only 1 link on the Kanon page remains not working.

It took a while, but its now up, a site for the probably most well known Seiyuu today, Megumi Hayashibara.
The pics in her gallery consist of 6 scans (IIrc all from Newtype) and 4 screenshots from the first Love Hina Concert. This concert video is an incredible useful source... :)
Btw, the birthdays of Ayako Kawasumi and Megumi Hayashibara are almost the same (3.30.1976 for Ayako and 3.30.1967 for Megumi).
I noticed because I'm always using Ayako's site as something like a template.

Nothing really new today, just a lot of new roles for Aya Hisakawa and Kotono Mitsuishi.
Aya Hisakawa is now by far in the lead with 27 roles, Kikuko Inoue and Ayako Kawasumi are second with 20.

As promised the site for Azumanga Daioh is now up along with Yuu Asakawa, Tomoko Kaneda and Sakura Nogawa.
I have not assigned any leading roles on that Azumanga page, this show just doesn't have any.
Tomoko Kaneda and Sakura Nogawa only have scanned pictures from Bomb Bomb Voice articles in Newtype, no screenshots from videos.
Yuu Asakawa has 2 scans from Animage and 8 screenshots from the first Love Hina Concert in Osaka. The strange thing is, after I did those screenshots I searched the web for sites about her and found Paul Camoron's Fansite, and what do you know? He has screenshots from that concert too and most of them are almost the exact same frame as mine, really scary o_O
But his screenshots have better quality because he obviously had the DVD to work with and I not.

Added Ayako Kawasumi's Roles in Mamotte Shugogetten and Princess Nine.

The pictures for Rie Tanaka I had weren't bad, but all were from her head only, so I scanned a picture where you can see more of her, its only in black and white though.
I also scanned a nice high quality picture from AX Animation Magazine of Maaya Sakamoto, you can see it here.
And two new pictures for Yui Horie, one scanned from Newtype the other from Animage.

The site for Mayumi Iizuka is now up with 10 roles and 10 pictures (4 scans and 6 DVD screenshots).
And added one new role for Rie Tanaka, that's about it for today.

Next update probably will be an Azumanga Daioh Special, I have collected pictures for Yuu Asakawa, Tomoko Kaneda and Sakura Nogawa who all did roles in it. But that won't happen until saturday or sunday.

Vandread Special today, added a site for the seiyuu cast.
The links for Yuu Asakawa and Rika Matsumoto there are not yet working.
Also made sites for the two main voice actors of Vandread: Yumi Kakazu and Hiroyuki Yoshino.
Yumi Kakazu has 10 full pictures, only captures from DVDs, no high quality scans, Yoshino Hiroyuki has only two, but one picture is really high quality.

And I've added a comment to picture number 10 of Kouichi Yamadera's Gallery. It's the main cast from Cowboy Bebop the Movie, it might be interesting to know who is who.

Finished the site for Kikuko Inoue, including 20 anime roles (one of them is not yet listed at Hitoshi Doi's Site ^_^). Thats two more than Ayako Kawasumi, new record ;)
The site has 10 full pictures of Kikuko, most of them are from a 15 minute long talk about the Ah My Goddess Movie together with Aya Hisakawa, Yumi Touma and Masami Kikuchi. The rest of the pictures are from the 'Bomb Bomb Voice' article in Newtype January 2001.

And a new little service for those not so familiar with the metric system, I converted the height and weigth measures to foot/inch and pound.

Just for the record, this was date I launched the site.
10 Seiyuu Pages and 6 featured Anime.

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